Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine

Apr 2011 ISSUE NO. 1

AGM & ASM of Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine 2010
Editor's Column.....Dr. DMW Tse
Dover Park Hospice's Visit to Hong Kong
Use of Strong Opioids for dyspnoea in Advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:
A Search for a Guide.....Dr. WM Lam
Non-invasive ventilation in palliative care......Dr. Jeff Ng
Spring dinner of Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine & Hong Kong Palliative Nursing Association
Palliative Care Needs In The Coronary Care Unit...Dr. WY Cheung
Infections and Antibiotics Use in Palliative Care...Dr. Alick Mok
The needs and level of satisfaction of caregivers of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.....Dr. Patricia CM Poon
Practical Tips for Acute Pain Management in Patients on Maintenance Methadone.....Dr. Benjamin Cheng
Membership Information
Education Seminars & Meetings
Call for free papers:8th Hong Kong Palliative Care Symposium
News from Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care.....Ms Faye Chan
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