Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine

2010 ISSUE NO. 1

Report on Annual Scientific Meeting 2009 .....Dr. RSK Lo
Message from Chairman......Dr. AOL Kwok
Farewell to Dr. KK Lam..... Dr. M Sham
Editor¡¦s Column: Advance directives - More than an advance refusal in need.....Dr. DMW Tse
Advance Directives: their role in clinical practice and their difficulties......Dr. CY Tse
Major airway obstruction......Dr. CM Ma
Drug interactions in palliative care..... Dr. CWS Yau
Any breakthrough for breakthrough pain?.....Dr. JTM Chan
Beheaded souls: The psychological distress faced by neck and neck cancer patients.....Dr. RKW Woo
Opioid switching.....Dr. MH Khemlani
Malignant intestinal obstruction.....Dr. BCW Li
Diarrhoea in acute radiation proctitis.....Dr. KY Chan
Total parenteral nutrition in malignant intestinal obsruction.....Dr. BHW Cheng
Death rattle: A brief review.....Dr. AKW Mok
Understanding dignity in the light of Chochinov.....Dr. RKW Woo
Spring dinner of HKSPM and HKHNA
Membership Information
Education Seminars & Meetings
7thHong Kong Palliative Care Symposium - Call for abstract
News from Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care..... Ms Faye Chan
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