Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine

2001 ISSUE NO. 2
JUL 2001


Euthanasia Study - Letter to South China Morning Post
Legco Motion on Euthanasia - Speech of Dr Lo Wing Lok 「對臨終病人的處理」- 勞永樂議員立法會動議演辭
Meetings Calendar (Local & Overseas)
Asia Pacific Hospice Conference 2001
       Cross-cultural validation of McGill Quality of Life Scale in palliative care for Hong Kong Chinese - final analysis
  Use of Methaodone in cancer patients with neuropathic pain
  Is there a window for palliative care in COPD patients ?
  Comparative study of the therapeutic effect of Pamidronate 30mg and 60mg in intravenous four hour single dose infusion in severe hypercalcemia in patients with advanced malignancy
  Breaking Bad News - A Chinese Perspective
  Audit on Communication in Palliative Care in Shatin Hospital
  A new Quality of Life measure for evaluation of hospice in Hong Kong : The Hospice Care Performance Inventory
Palliative Medicine Doctors Meeting
       Palliative Care in Acute Care Setting
  Malignant Spinal Cord Compression
  Prognostic Index for Terminal Cancer Patients
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